Ubuntu Small Tiles

A black and white wallpaper of ubuntu in 'small tiles' mode.

Gentoo Bright And Shining

A New Way To Look!

The has got be a new way of looking at the Ubuntu logo.Just " Set it as your background".

Gnome Glory

The Linux Intensity

Gentoo Cheque Pattern

Ubuntu Space Ring

May be this looks like a planetary ring in space.Just used 'Hurl' noise and gradients in GIMP, with the usual Ubuntu logo.

'gPodder' podcast client

Download your favorite podcasts ( audio/video) using the 'gPodder' podcast manager.Click here to know more.

Artistic Landscape 2

Tracking various time zones in Ubuntu

Click here to track various time -zones.

Gentoo Lights!

This one is inspired from the previous 'Torch' series.This time we have Gentoo in a seamless mode.

For 8.10

Created using the usual ubuntu colors and the seamless mode.

Gentoo Shine

ubuntu Blob!


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