Ubuntu 8.10

Ubuntu 8.10 has been released.A wallpaper for the new distro.

Ubuntu Stark

Gnome Stark

A 'stark' Gnome wallpaper made using GIMP.

Gentoo Light Colors

Ubuntu Lights

KDE Whirl

Gentoo Lines

Mint Multicolor

A multicolored wallpaper with the Mint logo.
This has Mint lo embedded on a grid like seamless surface.
Click on the image to download the wallpaper.

Ubuntu All Over

Now. the same theme with the ubuntu logo.

Gnome All Over

Gnome logos on a yellow surface and taking them 'all over'.

Plasma Ubuntu

Now, the same Plasma with the Ubuntu logo.

Plasma Gnome

A simple Gnome wallpaper created with the 'Plasma' and gradient effects of GIMP.
Click on the image to download the wallpaper.

Gnome Sheen

Red Hot Gnome

Ubuntu Red Hot!

Click on the thumbnail to download the 'Ubuntu Red Hot' wallpaper.

Venturing Into Spcae

Click on the thumbnail to download the wallpaper.
Just 'Venturing Into Space' with the GIMP noise and small circles.

Ubuntu Cool Streak

Gnome Dream

Artistic Landscape

Simple orange and yellow brush stokes create this pretty easy on the eye wallpaper.Click on the image to download the wallpaper.
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Refer to others if you like.

KDE Surfaces

Click on the thumbnail to download the wallpaper.
Created using the 'small tiles' and 'whirl' distortion in GIMP.

Manage Desktop Wallpapers With Drapes

Easily manage your desktop wallpapers with the 'Desktop Drapes' and 'wallpaper-tary' packages.Click to read more and view screen shots.

Linux For The Environment

Water Colored Gnome

Same water color effects with the Gnome logo.

Water Colored Gentoo

Gentoo logo on a smooth and light water colored surface.
Click on the thumbnail to download the wallpaper.

KDE Cool Blue

Click on the image to download the COOL BLUE KDE wallpaper.

Mint Wallpaper

A Linux Mint wallpaper for the Mint desktop.

Ubuntu Cool Gradient

Easy On The Eyes.

The ubuntu version Of the previous wallpaper.The Ubuntu logo has been saturated in the colors.

Easy On The Eyes.

Some cool gradient that is 'Easy On The Eyes'.Click on the image to 'Set As Background'.


Ubuntu logo in a perspective mode embedded.

Gnome Surfaces

Gnome logo on a cool blue surface.Change the colors of the panels accordingly.

Gnome Graphite

Gnome logo on a graphite like surface.Set this image as your desktop background and change the color of the panels accordingly.

Delivering The Shine

Ubuntu is surely delivering what it promised and this wallpaper delivers its shine.

Ubuntu Sine Waves

Ubuntu logo with red and green sine wave patterns.

Vibrant Ubuntu

Click on the image to download the background.Ubuntu is colorful and vibrant.

Gnome Metallic Curves!

A shining Gnome background for your desktop.

Gentoo Embedded!

Get a Gentoo background for your desktop.This has the Gentoo logo embedded on a green surface.

The next color

The next color in the series.More colors coming soon.

Love The Colors

Get this bright colored background for your desktop.

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

8.04.1 is the updated version of Ubuntu 8.04 released in April,2008

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