Sabayon Elegance!

Gnome Royal Blue

Timeless Ubuntu

Gnome Rising

Ubuntu Rising

Slackware Linux

Way To Sabayon!

Fedora Refelction 2

Fedora Reflection

Figure Out Ubuntu

Figure out the ubuntu logo in this circular disc.

KDE Glory

Gnome Spiral

Ubuntu Blocks

Ubuntu Pagecurl

Ubuntu Rays

Switch To The Ubuntu Mode

Gnome Illusion

Gnome Stark 2

Ubuntu Rings-Linux For Human beings


Ubuntu Architectural

Gnome Architectural

Celluloid Ubuntu

Kubuntu Floral

Enigma Ubuntu

Enigma Gnome

A New Pattern

Lemony Ubuntu

Ubuntu Small Tiles

A black and white wallpaper of ubuntu in 'small tiles' mode.

Gentoo Bright And Shining

A New Way To Look!

The has got be a new way of looking at the Ubuntu logo.Just " Set it as your background".

Gnome Glory

The Linux Intensity

Gentoo Cheque Pattern

Ubuntu Space Ring

May be this looks like a planetary ring in space.Just used 'Hurl' noise and gradients in GIMP, with the usual Ubuntu logo.

'gPodder' podcast client

Download your favorite podcasts ( audio/video) using the 'gPodder' podcast manager.Click here to know more.

Artistic Landscape 2

Tracking various time zones in Ubuntu

Click here to track various time -zones.

Gentoo Lights!

This one is inspired from the previous 'Torch' series.This time we have Gentoo in a seamless mode.

For 8.10

Created using the usual ubuntu colors and the seamless mode.

Gentoo Shine

ubuntu Blob!

Ubuntu 8.10

Ubuntu 8.10 has been released.A wallpaper for the new distro.

Ubuntu Stark

Gnome Stark

A 'stark' Gnome wallpaper made using GIMP.

Gentoo Light Colors

Ubuntu Lights

KDE Whirl

Gentoo Lines

Mint Multicolor

A multicolored wallpaper with the Mint logo.
This has Mint lo embedded on a grid like seamless surface.
Click on the image to download the wallpaper.

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